Absent Erratum: 斎藤 裕 · 長澤 まさみ · 西山 清 – Legend Of Ereganzia 「エレガンジアの伝説」 ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK

Legend Of Ereganzia 「 エレガンジアの伝説 」 ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK is the 44th release on Absent Erratum. This submission features 68 tracks at a total of 2 hours, 57 minutes and 9 seconds. It was released on May 11th, 2021.

“An eternal darkness once blanketed these lands…”

Over the centuries, the legend has become deeply engraved in the minds of the people that live on the Zephyr Plains. The imperious Calanthia Temple, built thousands of years ago as tribute to the now nameless creatures that returned the sun, is off limits to people – but one day, driven by a curiosity the legend has firmly instilled in them, Ceri and Owain, two teenagers from Agana Village, sneak off and enter the deserted building. What they find is anything but a hallowed shrine to legendary benevolent creatures: Calanthia Temple is a haunted place, and the tranquility and light of Zephyr Plains appears to be the result of perpetual suffering and sacrifice.

Amidst the books and paintings they find in a mysterious hidden room, they uncover clues to the true identity of the creatures, the history behind the legend – and a task they know they must commit themselves to. Their intrusion is soon noticed by the souls that still dwell in the temple, and Ceri and Owain narrowly manage to escape the emissaries of the secret Order Of Calanthia. Soon, clouds gather, darkening the skies, blanketing the plains in darkness once more. The duo resolves to seek out the truth, step by step, retracing the legend and reconstructing its history, to release Zephyr Plains of its burden and restore its light – this time, for good and forever.

From the clouds, a voice whispers: “Ereganzia…”

All compositions by 斎藤 裕, 長澤 まさみ and 西山 清.
℗ © 2021 Absent Erratum

Catalog No: AENW-21006~8
Product type: CD
Number of Discs: 3
Release Price: ¥3,500+tax

DISC 1: 始まり
1. Premonition
2. Ereganzia ~ On The Wings Of The Wind
3. Confrontation
4. Battle!
5. Battle! (Bonus Stage)
6. Healed
7. Agana Village ~ Day
8. Agana Village ~ Night
9. Zephyr Plains (Overworld ~ Day)
10. Calanthia Temple (Entrance)
11. Calanthia Temple (Hidden Room)
12. The Order Of Calanthia
13. Narrow Escape
14. Descent
15. Under Cloud Cover
16. Misty Swamp
17. Lightning Girl
18. An Unexpected Visitor
19. Crisis! Flood
20. Saviours
21. Flight Into The Trees
22. Haunted Forest ~ Day
23. Haunted Forest ~ Night
24. Ruins Of Lamia
25. Crisis! Fire
26. Rest

DISC 2: 検索
1. Lakeside Tower
2. Lost Memories
3. Mt. Graveyard
4. The Climb
5. Moments Of Reflection
6. Boss Fight: Aguares
7. Return To Agana (Fly)
8. Return To Agana (Sail)
9. Devastated By The Light
10. Betrayal
11. Search For A Sunken City
12. Amdusa
13. Amdusa ~ Submerged
14. Light Relic
15. Cloud City
16. Gone
17. Boss Fight: Behemoth
18. Resolution
19. Mirror Lake
20. A Hidden Path
21. Dark Zephyr Plains (Overworld ~ Night)
22. Zephyr Plains At Dusk (Overworld ~ Twilight)
23. Afterglow

DISC 3: 免除された
1. Serpent Island
2. Crisis! ~ Shock
3. Sacred Sword
4. Another Legend
5. Orobas Town ~ Day
6. Orobas Town ~ Twilight
7. Secret Hideout
8. A Tale Of Bright Skies
9. Ereganzia ~ At The End Of The World
10. Boss Fight: Astaroth
11. Earthquake
12. Rapid Ascent
13. Maze
14. Night Palace
15. Final Confrontation
16. Boss Fight: Leviathan
17. Resolution
18. Forever Light
19. Stardust ~ The Voice Of Ereganzia

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