New Absent Erratum: Oracle Sunset – Transmigration

Oracle Sunset 🌅 Transmigration is the 40th release on Absent Erratum. This anonymous submission features a total of 1 eponymous track of 20 minutes and 19 seconds. It was released on October 2nd, 2020.

Particles of darkness descend upon the soil as night falls ; the exterior retreats into the interior, where it is illuminated and inspected, its fragile composition dismantled, then mended – its unspoken language first heard; its unwritten orthography first read; its syntax untangled and coiled around the light. Amidst the weightless threads of speech and sound, Absent Erratum searches, rummaging around in the words that are formed as she touches them. Their meanings stay hidden; their shapes are obscure; and so she traces the filaments and fibers out into the gloom, where a stray glimmer rests on the leaves and branches. It disappears into her hands, a requiem for a vocabulary already forgotten.

You can listen to Transmigration here.

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