Opaque – Ienki Ienki Michlin Supreme Rose

Just out: a new digital Opaque release, Ienki Ienki Michlin Supreme Rose. This release may be considered a teaser of sorts to a tape that’s coming up soon on Fall Into Void Records. Ienki Ienki, the brand, has so far been unexplored territory for Opaque, since the project’s focus has primarily been on Moncler, of course. Other brands and jackets have definitely served as inspiration, however, such as – recently – the Duvetica Diadema jacket, Miu Miu’s cropped two-tone quilted hooded down jacket and the Mackage Emerie lightweight down puffer in cobalt. Before that, excellent brands (and excellent jackets by these brands) such as Pyrenex, Nickelson and Millet had already been spotlighted.

Ienki Ienki is a luxury brand whose signature Michlin jacket is absolutely fantastic. Utterly puffy and available in a range of colours, as well as various matte and glossy styles, it’s an excellent display of pure devotion to a brilliant design. For this release, the Supreme Rose – a foil variant, so extra glossy – served as the inspiration. Ienki Ienki Michlin Supreme Rose consists of two tracks, each 13:43 in length, and can be listened to in full here.

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