Absent Erratum interview and new Opaque: Moncler Hudson

I was recently interviewed by Michael Tau about Absent Erratum for Anomaly Index. Anomaly Index is a great website which frequently posts interviews with people involved in fringe experimental projects (or some of their releases), among which, for instance, The Rita, Atrax Morgue and Fukte. You can read the full interview here.

And out now: Opaque – Moncler Hudson, a new digital release comprised of a single 15-minute track focused on the magnificent Moncler Hudson coat. An absolutely amazing FW 19/20 down jacket that is available in four colours – white, grey, beige and black – of which the black is easily the most magnificent (although the beige is also fantastic). The images, in that respect, may speak volumes. Hyper-focused crunch obsession.

You can listen to Moncler Hudson here.

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