Santuario De Sangre: Demon Cabal – Through The Halls Of Eternity

In my 2020 interview with Böse Mann for his webzine Creeping Concrete, I briefly spoke about Santuario De Sangre, its concept and inception. This YouTube-only label was created based upon a public question put forward by Paul Dever (of, among other projects, the excellent GRIZ+ZLOR) about whether there were any (HNW) projects or labels that existed only on social media. I ultimately took this as the inspiration to start Santuario De Sangre – with due deference to the originator of the idea, as it was certainly not mine – a, thus, YouTube-only label that is in some ways similar to Absent Erratum – it also features only releases by one-off projects – but that thematically instead focuses on “occultism, dark religion, ritualism”. (As a side-note, I’ve since also started an Instagram-only label, Minute Walls, for which I will write a post at some point, too.)

On 6 April 2021, the fourth sacrifice – as the releases on Santuario De Sangre are all referred to – was released to YouTube, the hour-long Through The Halls Of Eternity by Demon Cabal.

The first three sacrifices can also be found on the channel: We Are Gods, Deciding Who Will Live And Who Will Die by Demon Priest Performing Sacrifice At The Altar; Gathering Of Snake Charmers On The Banks Of The Bhima River by BrahmarākŞhasa; and Angel Of Prostitution, Emissary Of The Hell King by Eisheth Zenunim.

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