Opaque – Ienki Ienki Michlin Arctic Blue Foil Jacket (C40, Fall Into Void Records)

Hot on the heels of the Opaque tape on Veil, here is a second Opaque tape for June, this time on the excellent Fall Into Void Recs, run by Petar Stipsits, who is also responsible for the great, great work of HNW outfit Bruising Pattern. This C40, titled Ienki Ienki Michlin Arctic Blue Foil Jacket, offers two twenty-minute tracks that are each a variation of an approach that attempts to sonically approximate the contact and friction of tightly-wrapped hyper-puffy nylon jackets.

Ienki Ienki Michlin Arctic Blue Foil Jacket was released in an edition of 30 on appropriately icy blue tapes in a snow-like white-backed case. The lay-out for the cover-art was done by Zachary Ledsinger. This tape is the second Ienki Ienki-focused release from Opaque, the first having been the digital-only, self-released Ienki Ienki Michlin Supreme Rose. Ienki Ienki is a great Ukrainian high-fashion brand whose wonderful Michlin jacket is an absolutely classic puffy design.

You can purchase the release or stream it on the Fall Into Void Bandcamp.

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