New Opaque: Choutte 2CDr (Perpetual Abjection)

Perpetual Abjection is a wonderful micro-label out of Thailand run by the equally wonderful Polwach Beokhaimook, who not only has his own fascinating history in extreme music (I was delighted to discover a while back, when he had already established himself as a valuable part of the HNW scene, that he was a founding member of Epiploenterocele Pusliquid Wormchunk, a gorenoise project I had once come across way back in 2009 through a three-way split on Daniel Maso’s (The Shock Technician) Soundo Maso Records) but who has also provided a loving platform for elaborately crafted editions of all kinds of wallage and static with his label. I couldn’t be more pleased that Opaque has joined the ranks, and the end result is absolutely magnificent – the pictures speak for themselves:

“Opaque’s first physical release of 2022 is a double album for Thailand’s Perpetual Abjection that hyper-focuses on the Chouette, a short, glossy puffer jacket by project favourite fashion house Moncler. Details such as the jacket’s elasticized cuffs’ look and patterning as well as the possibility to ultra-crop it through a drawstring at the bottom of the jacket served as the inspiration for three tracks of static crackle and wallage offering everything from sparse pops and clicks to full-on thick rumble and crackle.”

Chouette was issued in a hand-numbered edition of 26 digitally printed and spray-painted 2CDrs in a spray-painted two-disc jewelcase with four printed inserts featuring images, titles and credits. You can get your own copy over at the Perpetual Abjection Bandcamp, where the album is, of course, also fully streamable.

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