New Opaque: Black Moncler Hudson 7″ (Summer Interlude)

In my post announcing the release of the Black Moncler Hudson II C40 tape last year, I mentioned that I would provide further details on why exactly it was called Black Moncler Hudson II at some later point when the time was right. Indeed, that time has come: the Black Moncler Hudson 7″, recorded prior to its follow-up but released after, is available for pre-order from the Summer Interlude Bandcamp. This is the first time Opaque is appearing on vinyl, and what could indeed be more appropriate for this format than the spectacular Hudson and two crunchy, crackly tracks that pay tribute to it. The tracks were released onto Bandcamp on 13 November.

Of course, vinyl production is notoriously slow at the moment, so do not expect these physicals to become available until well into 2023. Until that time, both tracks are freely streamable already. Due to a move, primarily, these past few months have been intensely busy – hence, the prolonged radio silence. Hopefully the next few months will enable me to return in a somewhat more regular fashion again to my creative endeavours.

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